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akbar abdi
born in 1960, Tehran, Iran is an Iranian actor and comedian. Akbar Abdi proved his talent through a TV series consisting of children's programming ("I am late again for school"). He started his career in TV series and soon became very popular. He shined as a movie star by playing in the movie "Ejareh-Nesheenha" (The Tenants). He has chosen diverse characters to play in different movies and is respected as a classic movie star with a successful career in Iran. It had been reported that he had left Iran for Canada to initially emigrate there, but due to immigration problems, was not allowed to stay.
Upon his return to Iran, he denied the rumors and claims that he had left for theater work in Canada and Europe.
 Filmography :
Ekhrajiha (2007)
Ali and Danny (2002)
Noon o Eshgh o Motor 1000 (2003)
Claws in the Dust (1997)
Pak bakhteh (1995)
Adam barfi (1995)
Honarpisheh (1993)
Del Shodegan (1992)
Nassereddin Shah, Actor-e Cinema (1992)
Ey Iran (1990) Dozde aroosakha (1990)
Ejareh-Neshinha (1986) Mardi ke moosh shod(1985)

Amin Haya'ee
amin hayaee
Actor, born June 9, 1970, in Tehran, Iran is one of the young stars of the past decade of Iran cinema. He is married to Niloofar Khoshkholgh, Iranian actress.  Filmography Zanha Fereshte And, 2008
Dayere Zangi, 2008
Neghab, 2007
Ekhrajiha 2007
The Trap, 2006
Guest, 2006
Wedding Dinner, 2005
Aquarium, 2005
The Flee Bride, 2004
Coma, 2003
Mother's Guests, 2003
horney dog, 2003
Persian Girl, 2002
Moni and Neda, 2002
The neighbours(TV series) The Intruder, 2002
Leaning on the Wind, 2000
Apartment, 1999(TV series)
Eve’s Red Apple, 1998
Ethereal, 1997 S
upporter, 1995

Ahmad Nadjafi Shoushtari 
ahmad najafi
born in 1948 in Khorramshahr, Iran) is a famous Iranian actor and producer. He has a B.A. in Economics from the Woodbury University in Burbank, California. In 1976 he entered cinema by assisting Massoud Kimiayee in Ghazal. In 1976 he founded a movie distributing company in U.S., and he was the vice-president of IRIB2, distributing manager of "Tel film". He was also the chairman of IRIB in America and the vice-president of "free film making" (Kargah Aazaad Filmsazi) studio; he has also founded "7th art" studio. 
His Works:
Hot Chair, 2005-2006.
Another place, 2002 [Director: Mehdi Karampour]
Light Shadow, 2001 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
Killing Mad Dogs, 2000 [Director: Bahram Beyzayee]
The voice of love, 2000 [Director: Reza Shalchi]
Help me, 1997 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
Higher than Danger, 1996 [Director: Saeed Aalamzadeh]
Box Hotel, 1996 [Director: Cyrus Alvand]
Sand Storm, 1996 [Director: Djavad Mashghadri]
Workshop(series), 1995 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
The Last Harbour, 1994 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
Fugitive, 1993 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
Tavarish, 1993 [Director: Mehdi Fakhimzadeh]
Crash, 1991 [Director: Cyrus Alvand] Cop, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]
The Snake Fang, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]

Niki Karimi 
niki karimi
born 10 November 1971[1] in Tehran, is a multi-award winning[2] Iranian actress and movie director. Biography Niki and Sean PennNiki Karimi was born and raised in Tehran. She participated in theatrical work while she was in elementary school. Her hobby of reading and watching movies from an early age inspired her to become an actress. Her talent as an actress was found by the famous Iranian actor Jamshid Gorgin, while she was playing a role in a school play. She loves translating and in 1999 she released her first translation work, Marlon Brando's biography Songs My Mother Taught Me in to Persian. Niki is now an actress in Iran who has won several awards both at home and internationally.[3] She has also recently been in the jury for such festivals as the Locarno International Film Festival and Thessaloniki International Film Festival and berlin film festival and also the 60th Cannes Film Festival. In 2001, with Abbas Kiarostami as the producer she directed To have or not to have, a documentary about infertility. Her efforts won her first award as a director in "The Rain" festival in Iran.[4] In an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, where her motion picture directorial debut One Night was nominated, she said that acting no longer satisfies her and she would like to direct more movies.[5] Year Title Director Awards 2007 Three Women Manijeh Hekmat 2007 Second Woman Siroos Alvand 2002 The Fifth Reaction Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Fajr Film Festival (2002) 2002 Gone with the Wind Sadra Abdollahi 2001 One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest Ahmad Reza Motamedi Best Actress in Fajr Film Festival (2002) 2000 The Hidden Half Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Cairo Film Festival (2001) 1999 Thousand woman like me Reza Karimi 1999 The Burned Generation Rassoul Molagholipour 1998 The Waiting Girls Rahman Rezai 1998 The Apple of Eve Saiid Asadi 1998 The Actor Mohammad Ali Sadjadi 1998 Two Women Tahmineh Milani Best Actress in Taormina Film Festival (1999) 1997 Takhti Behrouz Afkhami 1997 Pshyco Dariush Farhang 1995 Minoo's Tower Ebrahim Hatamikia 1995 Shadow-by-Shadow Ali Jakan 1994 The Scent of Joseph's Shirt Ebrahim Hatamikia 1993 Pari Darioush Mehrjouii 1992 Sara Darioush Mehrjouii Best Actress in San Sebastian film festival (1995), Best Actress in Nantes Film Festival (1995) 1991 The Footsteps of the Wolf Massoud Kimiaii 1990 The Bride Behrooz Afkhami 1989 Temptation Jamshid Haidari

Taraneh Alidoosti 
born 12 January 1984) is an award-winning Iranian actress.
She bagan her acting career with the leading role in Man, taraneh, panzdah sal daram (Rasul Sadr Ameli, 2002). She won the Bronze Leopard for Best Actress from Locarno International Film Festival in 2002, as well as the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress from the 20th Fajr Film Festival.
 Personal life

Her father, Hamid Alidoosti, is a former member of the Iranian national football team and currently a football coach in Iran. Her only brother, Pouyan, was killed in the annual Iranian fire-festival, Chaharshanbe Suri at the age of 16, due to an explosion. Ironically at the time of the accident she was working on a movie called Chaharshanbe-Suri by Asghar Farhadi.

  • Man, taraneh, panzdah sal daram (2002 - aka I Am Taraneh, Fifteen Years Old)
  • Shahr-e ziba (2004 - aka Beautiful City)
  • Chaharshanbe Soori (2006 - aka Fireworks Wednesday)
  • Canaan (2008)
  • Tardid (2008 - aka Doubt)
  • Darbareh Elly (2009 - aka About Elly)